Cosmetic Dentistry

Therapeutic services

  • Cosmetic filling with reconstruction of anatomical form and function of teeth.
  • Treatment and filling of teeth and root canals.
  • Treatment and caries prevention procedures of children teeth.
  • Examination without instruments by using diagnostic laser KaVo DIAGNOdent.
  • Patients may observe the course of treatment in the display the view being transmitted by an intra-oral camera.

Root Canal Therapy

  • The endodontist also provides the retreatment of badly cured roots of teeth.
  • During the course of treatment safe X-ray diagnostics is applied.
  • We also use special appliances that enable to achieve good secure results.

Oral hygiene

  • Professional oral hygiene is provided by a qualified dental hygienist. Tartar and plaque are removed by a special instruments and ultrasonic scalers.
  • After procedures the hygienist gives an individual consultation on how to clean teeth correctly and which toothpaste to choose.
  • Education of the patient about correct personal oral care is the best way to keep the teeth free from plaque.
  • The oral hygienist takes care of young patients permanent teeth to keep them healthy. Teeth are covered by silants, a special protective material that gives off fluorine.


  • Various kinds of modern crowns:
    • Modern removable crowns e.g. arch supportive crowns with fixation system or dental plates;
    • Crowns and bridges made of the highest quality materials including widely recognized 3M, Espe, Ivoclar Vivadent and Vita materials.
  • Prosthesis includes both ceramic and nonmetal ceramic crowns.
  • Our clinic cooperates with the best Lithuanian dental technicians and their laboratories.

Dental Implants

Oral surgical extraction

  • Simple dental extraction.
  • Surgical dental extraction.
  • Cystectomy – dental root resection.
  • Incision.
  • Treatment of alveolitis.
  • Gingivectomy – removal of gingival tissue in order to achieve a more aesthetic appearance and/or functional contour.

Tooth whitening and decorations

  • Today more and more patients wish to have not only healthy, but also white teeth. We may offer it to you.
  • Tooth whitening may be:
    • Hygienic – which is provided by a hygienist who removes plaque from the surface of teeth.
    • Cosmetic – which allows to reach the desirable whiteness. The procedure is absolutely safe.
  • Patients may decorate healthy and white teeth with different ‘diamonds’. You can choose different color, size and form.
  • Tooth whitening and decorations are totlly harmless to healthy teeth.